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When 240v just will not do

With Health & Safety electrical requirements becoming stricter it can be increasingly difficult providing site vacuum where portability is essential. Trailing 110V or 240V cables can be a real hazard to the workforce and frowned upon by the HSE.

Applications such as air sampling, vacuum lifting and refrigeration re-charging to name just a few benefit greatly for the portability of 12VDC and 24VDC vacuum pumps.

DVP Pumps UK have been supplying key units within our range with DC motors for a number of years and find the demand increasing. We can supply in dry rotary vane, oil lubricated rotary vane and dry piston.

Please visit the Dry and Oil Lubricated pages on our website, as well as the Dry Piston page to view and download datasheets on the full range of these increasingly popular vacuum units.

Alternatively please call our sales office on 0113 2088501 to speak to a member of the technical team about your individual application.