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Vacuum pumps and water do not mix
- or do they?

When one thinks of the relationship between vacuum pumps and water it normally conjures up visions of swollen vanes, emulsified oil and catastrophic pump failure. They are not happy bedfellows! Unless of course you travel the well worn path of liquid ring vacuum pumps. The problem with liquid ring is they are expensive to purchase, expensive to install due to the requirement for water and expensive to run as even the closed circuit systems inflict a hefty waste water removal cost and are demanding on the electric.

Continuing with our reputation for being at the forefront of new technology, DVP Pumps UK are able to offer a credible alternative to the Liquid Ring vacuum pump on certain applications involving amounts of water vapour carry over into the vacuum pump.

Taking the hugely successful and highly respected “L series” of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps as a platform, the new WR series incorporates a device which internally seperates the water from the oil and then removes the water from the vacuum pump when it is switched off. As a result of this it is now possible to use oil rotary vane vacuum pumps on applications where there are high concentrations of water vapour present. These pumps are ideal for applications such as:

Pug Mills
Glass cutting machinery
Marble and stone cutting machinery
Vacuum drying
High humidity applications

There are many more applications suited to these very flexible vacuum pumps where you wouldn’t normally think of fitting a standard vacuum pump. They are capable of running at vacuum levels between 400mbar(abs) to 2 mbar(abs) and are complete with oil mist eliminator to assist in minimising exhaust oil vapour and smoke at rough levels of vacuum.

Visit the Oil lubricated rotary vane section of the DVP Pumps UK website to download details on these impressive vacuum pumps. Alternatively call the sales office on 0113 2088501 to speak to one of our technical staff regarding your particular application.