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Tanksets - we build them so you don't have to

There are times when a vacuum pump just isn’t enough. Your application may require the vacuum pump to be the key component of a system where the user can control the vacuum system to suit varying demands.

One way of doing this is to source the individual components of the system and then build the control system around the vacuum pump. This is time consuming, expensive and fraught with potential issues as attempts are made to get individual components ‘talking’ to one another.

DVP Pumps UK understand this requirement for more than just a vacuum pump. We have been providing off the shelf solutions for vacuum systems for a number of years now and we think we have got the range just right for our customers requirements with our Tanksets based on our very popular “L series” range of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps.



These systems use a single vacuum pump from a range of 25m3/hr to 305m3/hr and vacuum down to 0.5mbar(abs). Their deep vacuum capability means they are suited for a wide range of vacuum applications. These systems are supplied with all the necessary fittings and controls to allow the user to simply connect an electrical supply to the motor and a pipe to the inlet and begin work. The large capacity vacuum receiver is perfectly suited to applications where there are quick vacuum cycles that require immediate evacuation such as vacuum moulding and vacuum lifting. The pump is saddle mounted onto the receiver allowing portability and a small footprint.


Utilising the same principles of the Simplex systems, the Duplex is designed for applications where it is crucial that there is an immediate back up facility should the main pump fail. The pumps can be supplied saddle mounted on the smaller systems and floor mounted on a steel racking system with floor mounted receiver for the larger systems.



Primarily intended for Hospital vacuum with a second standby unit and advanced control and filtration to suit current hospital vacuum legislation.

Please visit the Systems section of the DVP Pumps UK website to download data sheets on these as well as other packaged systems supplied by DVP Pumps UK. For technical support please call our sales office on 0113 2088501