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The operating principle of piston pumps and compressors is based on a piston that moves back and forth in a cylinder. The cylinder is fitted with valves that draw air in (when the piston moves down) and blow it out (when the piston moves up). If the head of the piston is attached to the connecting rod, we say that the piston is oscillating. Diaphragm pumps operate on a similar principle: a chamber has an elastic wall that is made to oscillate by means of a connecting rod. Air intake and outlet takes place by means of the valves.P and D diag

Unlike piston pumps, the chamber of diaphragm pumps is completely sealed to create a perfectly vacuum tight circuit. Special versions are available with a safety guard to make these units portable and suitable for use as standalone units.
The main areas of use include: electro-medical, suction cup conveyors, laboratory applications, steam sterilisers, gas samplers.