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The operating principle of this pump is similar to that of the standard oil lubricated rotary vane pump. Nonetheless, in this case the stator is immersed in the lubricant oil, which then also has the function of sealing the stator against air leaks. The pressure values attained by this type of pump are therefore considerably higher than those of any other rotary vane pump.

A gas ballast device is also present in this case to prevent condensation of the water vapour, and may be activated if the operator so chooses. Finally this type of pump is not normally equipped with any exhaust filtering system, and therefore is not recommended for applications at close to atmospheric pressure. This type of pump may be made up of a single rotor-stator unit, in which case it is called single stage; or it may be made up of two rotor-stator units connected in series, so that the exhaust of the first unit is connected to the intake of the second unit. In this instance they are known as Two Stage. Two stage pumps can clearly attain lower absolute pressures compared to pumps with a single stage. The main areas of use include: refridgeration and air conditioning systems, laboratory applications, freeze drying, spectrometry and ultracentrifugation. Special Pneuorp fittings are available to connect the various elements in the system.